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Sip, Savor & Get Flirty With Flavor



In March of 2023, the doors of our inaugural Sips swung open in the bustling Dakota Square Mall parking lot, marking the beginning of a journey that has since become an integral part of Minot's vibrant scene. Securing a contract at the Dakota Square Mall was not just a stroke of luck; it was a strategic decision to position ourselves in the highest trafficked area in town. The response from the Minot community was nothing short of phenomenal – long lines and a deluge of social media posts welcoming us with open arms.

The heart of our Minot location, a 160 sqft shed, is a testament to both magic and hard work. Crafted by the skillful hands of All Star Sheds, this space has become a hub of creativity and innovation. Their contribution is immeasurable, and Sips wouldn't be where it is today without their dedication.

Beyond the physical space, the soul of Sips is embodied by our incredible team. Comprising individuals who have been with us since the days of Guilty Sweets and others who joined on day one of the first Sips, our staff is a blend of dedication and intelligence. Their passion for creating memorable experiences for our customers has been the driving force behind the success of our Minot location.

2400 10th St SW, Minot- West Parking Lot of Dakota Square Mall

1190 W Turnpike Ave, Bismarck- Family Fare Parking Lot


The journey to our second Sips location in Bismarck was an unexpected but thrilling adventure, materializing just six months after the debut of our inaugural spot. Faced with the decision of which business held the most promise for growth, a difficult yet necessary choice had to be made. While my bakery held a special place in my heart, the reality of its overhead became a limiting factor in our ability to expand. With a bold resolve, we bid farewell to the bakery and set our sights on propelling Sips to new heights.

In securing a lease with Spartan Nash, we found the perfect spot in the Family Fare parking lot on Turnpike Ave in Bismarck. Nestled in the heart of the west side of Bismarck, this location places us in proximity to key landmarks such as Bismarck State College, Texas Roadhouse, and the YMCA. The Bismarck Sips officially opened its doors on November 1, 2023, representing a significant step forward in our growth journey.

Fully committed to the success of this new venture, we are prepared to go the extra mile to foster growth and make a lasting impact in the Bismarck community. Our dedication remains unwavering, and we are excited to continue crafting unique experiences and sharing the Sips magic with a broader audience.

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